Spa Days

My Ponies Think I’m a Monster (II) (14 Sep 2016)

Not only do I torment my ponies by washing them. I must appear to have a strong aversion to a lack of beauty. Those with flaws are “punished” more than the other ponies.

If you are scarred (have marks on you), you are punished by having your head ripped off and being placed in solitary confinement in a plastic tub filled with H2O2 until your scars are gone.

If your hair has lost its colour through age, your head is popped off and you are dipped in boiling coloured water until you are pretty again.

If you are generally dirty, your head is popped off and you are boiled in Oxy.

And then your parts are placed on pikes and left on a windowsill to dry.

As a warning to any other ugly ponies out there.

(Oh god, they must hate me.)