Majesty is a selfish cow (14 Sep 2016)

I have so many feelings about Majesty and they can basically be summed up by “Majesty sucks!”

First of all, why does she get to live in a castle while everyone else doesn’t. Ok, so we know Lemon Drop lives in the Show Stable, Peachy has the Grooming Parlour and the babies live in the Nursery, etc, but where do the rest live? Where does Butterscotch live? Where does Glory live?

I’ll tell you where they don’t live. Dream Castle.

Majesty gets to live in a castle by herself. Oh, wait, no, she shares it with a baby dragon. How incredibly generous of her.

Oh, and you know when Ponyland got smoozed? Where the ever-living fuck was Majesty?

Not helping in the slightest. Oh no, she’s just off somewhere safe and sound while the worker bees try to save their world.

This is actually my problem in real life.

God save our gracious queen? Nope, she’s in one of her zillions of castles, surrounded by a fucking army in silly hats. Let’s save the homeless instead.

Fuck you, Majesty. Fuck you. You are all that is wrong with the world.

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