eBay Woes (25 Sep 2016)

Hi thar G4 sellers. Just FYI, we know where you are. You’re in “1990-Now”. You can stop flooding our “Pre-1990” category with your zillions of sales. If we want you, we know where to find you.

Hi thar fakie sellers. Fuck off. Stop listing your shit as “Vintage Rare My Little Pony 70s/80s”. First off, there were no MLPs in the seventies. Second of all, you just bought those ugly ass fakies from Mozzers twenty minutes ago and you know they’re worthless. Or you’re really impressively stupid. Either way, GTFO of our category.

Hi thar wierdo who has listed a baby buggy with postage of £400. Do you really think anyone’s going to fall for that? Or not immediately demand a refund when they notice you’re scamming them?

Hi thar people who make no effort. Do you really think anyone wants to pay £24.99 (plus £4.50 p&p) for a battered old Posey, with flyaway hair, with only one an grainy photo (tinted alarmingly orange) to appraise her? Either list her for 99p or make an effort with your selling – clean the pony, take a nice photo. “Because bronies” is not a good enough reason to charge over the odds for something any sensible collector has at least three copies of.